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"...Polish Peter, or as I call him, the Polish Tony Robbins..."
Adrian S.
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"...Polish Peter, or as I call him, the Polish Tony Robbins..."
Adrian S.
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From The Desk Of Polish Peter
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Let me ask you something...

Have you ever experienced a conversation such that it had a profound impact on you?  That left you thinking?  That has even shifted how you do certain things in life?  

If you have, you know what I mean!  The feeling, the experience is UNREAL.

If you haven't, then get ready!  

Because today, as I write this, I decided to put my reputation at stake and open myself up for uncertain conversations, uncertain situations and different people, in front of the entire world.  

If I fail, I may lose more than just my hurt feelings.  

If I accomplish the task of creating a coaching space where YOU, in a single Conversation, get some kind of a breakthrough for yourself, whether it's in your business, relationships, health, mindset, limiting beliefs, fear or anything for that matter, then I've done my job as a transformational coach!

You see, I'm a (Tony) Robbins-Madanes Trained Coach and I've coached hundreds of people from all different walks of life.  (Just read and listen to some of the testimonials below).

And if you know who Tony Robbins is, you probably know his story as well.  You see, about 30 or so years ago, Tony was on a radio station and he challenged a therapist that called in to come to the Holiday Inn hotel the next day and he would prove that he can cure any of the therapist's patients in just one day.  

And today, I decided to do something similar, 21st century way!

We'll do it on zoom, via video, for free, no cost, no obligation!

By now, you're probably wondering... 

what's the catch?  Why would he do that?

Great question.  Here are the reasons why...

1.  I want to get the word out about me.  I'm well known in certain circles and have transformed hundreds of people.  I want to expand that reach and transform even more people. (that's my vision).

2.  I want to give back to the world.  God has given me the gifts of being able to pour into people, see what's beyond what they say or don't say, be that transformational coach.  I HAVE TO use those gifts.

3.  I know that when you see the impact just one conversation can have with me, you'll want more. You may even consider joining my coaching mastermind. 

However, this has to fit both of us.  I want people who want a better life for themselves and who WANT to be apart this elite coaching mastermind.  Like I said, there's no obligation whatsoever.  After this session, we can totally go our separate ways, no hard feelings.

So, go ahead, fill out the form by clicking the button on this page, I'll personally review the submission and either I or my assistant will reach out to you with the next steps.  

By the way, just because you fill out the form, doesn't mean you'll automatically get to talk to me.  My students pay me $600/mo to talk to me for 1 hour a month.   That's why I have this form, answer all questions.   

Go ahead, fill out the form, take a chance on yourself and you just might be.....   1 Conversation Away from ______________________!

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Jason Wojciechowski- CEO of Lifeonaire
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"...it's been completely transformative over the past few months!"
Brandon D.
"...Polish Peter, or as I call him, the Polish Tony Robbins..."
Adrian S.
"..Peter is going to get you to where you want to go, and that's guaranteed!"
Amanda M.
who is polish peter?
Polish Peter
Transformational Coach
  • Robbins/Madanes Certified Coach - 2019
  • ​Speaker & Breakthrough Coach
  • Polish Peter (known from the initial reference of 'Polish Tony' by his students).
  • Founder of 1st EVER Immigrant Coaching Mastermind
  • Founder of 2 International Coaching Masterminds
  • ​Podcaster of the Popular Immigrant Masters Unite Podcast 
  • ​Top 10% of all Linkedin Profiles in the World
  • ​'100 Most Influential People on the Internet'- Fast Company Mag.
  • ​Guinness World Records Holder
  • ​Father of 3 Rockstar Kids
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